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(ALS) Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or (MND) Motor Neurone Disease are referred to as ALS/MND
PALS is short for People (or a person) with ALS.

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I do not necessarily recommend or endorse all of the following websites but include links to them here for your convenience.


The ALS Therapy Development Institute
is a good source of updated research infromation.
Subscribe to the ALS Research Newsletter
Access the Neurotalk Communities

Braintalk Forum to discuss current ALS/MND topics

ALSTDF Forum Talk to PALS & CALS online

Over 500 ALS/MND website links
e-mail, addresses and phone numbers.

PLS Friends
Discussion and Information

ALS Links.com

ALS Webring connecting numerous ALS and MND websites

Never Give up 4 PALS raises money for ALSA by selling red wrist bracelets similar to those used by Lance Amstrong's Cancer Foundation. Order them for $1.00 each

Bert Woodard has lived with ALS for over 24 years. Instead of dwelling on dying, Bert has made a point of living. He has written a manual, "Living" With It, Not Dying Of It" for others with ALS or other disabling diseases.


Pharma Lexicon
Search engines for many medical data bases
Drug3k Drug Encyclopedia, Prescription drug information for consumers
Australian Physiotherapy Association offer free email advice
National Pharmacies offer free email advice on prescription medications
How to Perform Medical Searches
Conducting Medline Searches

Free Medline Searches
Healthopedia a wide range of health information
Medical Abbreviations and 40 million Scientific Articles
Medical Information many topics
Medhelp International
medical library, research updates, etc.
Medical & Self Help Information
National Library of Medicine
DocGuide information for and by doctors
Neurological Search Engine

Health On The Net

Healthlink USA

Health Finder
Neurological images
FDA News Updates
National Institute of Health News Updates
WebofCare Ask an Expert

Medicine Net General Medical Information

Internet Drug Index

Journal Watch - Infectious Diseases

Information on Chronic Neurotoxins
Coping With Depression
Stem Cell information website

Doctor's Guide to ALS


UK Building an MND network for the UK
MND Association UK

GERMAN and AUSTRIAN groups and PALS homepages

German Translation of this website (by Kurt Steiner)
ICELAND MND Association website
ITALY Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Laterale Amiotrofica


Paraplegic and Quadraplegic Association of NSW
Disability Information Exchange
Spinal Cord Injuries Australia


Nature's Sunshine Products

Indian Natural Ayurvedic Formulas
Blackmores Online Natural Therapies advice
Integrative Nutritionist

Herbal Medication information
Integrated Healing & Self Healing - Dr Andrew Weil
National Integrated Health Associates
Naturopathic Medicine Information

Herbal Medicine website by Dr Gayle Eversol
Dr. Perlmutter's Brain Recovery website

About Chelation Therapy

The following groups provide resources for body, mind and spirit for those who face disabling or physical challenges.

The Simple Living Network publications and tools for those wanting to live a simple, healthy and earth-friendly lifestyle.

Dr Mercola's Website & Newsletter
Homeopathic website
Slow the Aging Process
Edgar Cayce on ALS
Life Extention Foundation
Fibromyalgia Treatment Center fibromyalgia symptoms & treatment
Therapeutic Massage, Essential Oils and Aromatherapy


Nature's Sunshine Products
of Australia Pty. Ltd, have branches in many countries and supply high quality naturopathic/herbal products. Nature's Sunshine has a website and can be telephoned on (02) 9894-0111or faxed on (02) 9894-2422. Their Australian address is P.O. Box 6884, Baulkham Hills Business Park, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153. Managing Director: Mr Stephen Webster. E-mail Robyn McInnes

Australian Health Food Store products that are a little cheaper than the usual retail.  

Life Enhancement A website offering in-depth information and supply of potentially useful supplementary medications.

L & H Vitamins are mail order suppliers (worldwide) of many of the vitamins and supplements mentioned in this website. .
VitaDrug All Natural Supplements suppliers
Herbal Alternatives